VoiceOver for OSX: Keyboard Shortcuts

OS X Desktop/Applications

Key Description
Control+F2 Main menu
Command+Tab Move between windows
Command+Q Close application

Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Description
Command+L URL address bar
Command+T Open new tab
Ccommand+Shift+Left Arrow/Right Arrow Move to next tab
Command+W Close tab

Basic VoiceOver Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Description
VO Typically control+option keys to support VoiceOver commands
Command+F5 Exit VoiceOver
VO+M Menubar
VO+A Start reading
Control Stop reading
VO+Right Arrow Next item
VO+Left Arrow Previous item
VO+P Read paragraph
VO+S Read Sentence
VO+B Read from top to cursor
VO+W Read Word
VO+Home Jump to beginning of page
VO+End Jump to end of page
VO+command+Left or Right Arrow Select speech setting option (speaking rate, voice, pitch, etc.)
VO+command+Up or Down Arrow Modify the selected speech setting

VoiceOver Shortcuts for Web Browsing

Key Description
VO+Command+L Next link
VO+Space Activate link
VO+Command+H Next heading
VO+Command+J Next form control
VO+Command+T Next table
VO+Command+X Next list
VO+Command+G Next Graphic
VO+Command+U Web Rotor:
  • Form controls
  • Headings
  • Landmarks
  • Links
  • Web spots
VO+Shift+F Find menu
VO+Shift+I Web page information
VO+Shift+? Online help