Non-Visual Desktop Access (NDVA): Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Desktop/Applications

Key Description
Control+ESCape Start menu
Alt+Tab Move between windows
Alt+F4 Close window
F10 Main menu

Firefox Keyboard Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Description
Control+L URL address bar
F6 Move focus between web content and sidebar
Control+T Open new tab
Control+Tab Move to next tab
Control+F4 Close tab

Basic NVDA Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Description
NVDA Typically insert key or the caps lock key
NVDA+control+G Open NVDA Preferences

NVDA Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Browsing

Key Description
NVDA+F7 Elements list
NVDA+space Toggles between focus mode and browse mode

Browse mode keyboard shortcuts:

  • h: heading
  • l: list
  • i: list item
  • t: table
  • k: link
  • n: nonLinked text
  • f: form field
  • u: unvisited
  • link
  • v: visited link
  • e: edit field
  • b: button
  • x: checkbox
  • c: combo box
  • r: radio button
  • q: block quote
  • s: separator
  • m: frame
  • g: graphic
  • d: landmark
  • o: embedded object
  • 1 to 6: headings at levels 1 to 6 respectively
ESCape switches back to browse mode if focus mode was previously switched to automatically
Shift+Comma Moves to the start of the container (list, table, etc.) where the caret is positioned
Comma Moves past the end of the container (list, table, etc.) where the caret is positioned

NVDA Keyboard Shortcuts for Searching Text Content

Key Description
NVDA+Control+F Pops up a dialog in which you can type some text to find in the current document
NVDA+F3 Finds the next occurrence of the text in the document that you previously searched for
NVDA+Shift+F3 Finds the previous occurrence of the text in the document you previously searched for
NVDA+D Opens a new window containing a long description for the element you are on if it has one